TA Day 117- The Fern Burn

Today- 25.3km From Wanaka lakefront to Fern Burn hut

Total- 2599.1km

Woke up in a real bed and had a wonderful egg breke cooked by Bob.

Nina made coffee and we had an awesome catchup. I was able to do my resupply in town before breke, and then after a leisurely morning with my friends they dropped me lakeshore and off I went.

Slowly walked out of Wanaka, catching up on some social media and getting in touch with people. Chatted to Tom on the phone for a bit, and then kept strolling around the lake.

Took some excellent tourist snaps today enjoying being out and about in Wanaka.

The trail to Glendhu Bay was relaxing and easy, but it was hot and my legs were on autopilot.

I found my pace, pretty slow today well at least felt like it, and ambled onwards, stopping a couple of times for some classic yarns with the locals.

I didn’t see anyone I knew hiking. I think a lot of people cross over in Wanaka and take rest or do different things.

Emeric was a keener and hiked to Roy’s Peak, a classic hike in the Wanaka region for sunrise this morning. It’s a heck of a hike there and back from town, so he decided to get some well earned nap time and rest up. So I’ll probably see him in the next few days. What a legend. The sunrise looked epic that’s for sure.

Made it to Glendhu bay and found a nice little spot on the lakeshore and went swimming. It was refreshing and just what I needed.

It was getting on, past four , and I walked towards the start of the Motatapu alpine track, which would take us over to Arrowtown in the next few days.

I’d done this first bit to Fern Burn hut before a few years ago in the winter with mates.

The river coming through the beech forest was magical, and I passed over some farmland and then into the forest and started ascending.

The trail was nice, solid trail, so easy walking. Ran into Liv, and could see Wieke in the distance, and we all arrived at the busy hut within a few minutes of each other.

Awesome approach to the hut sidling high in the river valley.

The hut is a beautiful 12 bunker and there were still a few bunks left to my suprise.

It was awesome catching up with Emma and Eric [USA] who I had last seen in Arthur’s Pass.

A few non TA hikers and a good night all round. Off to bed for a solid sleep, looking forward to the mountain climbing challenges that tommorrow will bring. Woohoo!

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