TA Day 126- Te Anau

Today- 26km from Kiwi Burn Hut to Te Anau

Total – 2760km

Well, only about a week left. Crazy that this adventure now has an almost end date on it. Really mixed feelings. Alot of people are totally done with the trail, some people to the point of being pretty negative which I find difficult to be around. I’m still loving the lifestyle, the blend of solitude and social, and constantly moving forward and having a great time, even when the circumstances may not be the most appealing.

I really cant think of a terrible day on the TA, definately some are better than others, but on the days where it might be pouring rain or thigh deep mud, I’ll usually be having fun, laughs with mates or good food. The kindness of strangers is outstanding too.

Anyway, tramped out of Kiwi Burn hut with dry clothes, semi dry boots, and cold bodies and hands. A chilly morning, Paul, Emeric and I headed down to the Mararoa river which was our first TA challenge of the morning.

The crossing was straightforward, just some wet feet.

The next 16km were farmland and tussock tramping following a fenceline all the way to Mavira Lakes road.

Some people complained about this section, and for sure there were some bits you had to watch out for with your feet, but in general it was fine.

Classic TA shenanigans with overgrown vegetation, and scratchy matagouri, I stacked it a few times in small streams. Apparently my feet had a mind of their own today.

Had a decent lunch break before the road and managed to eat nearly all the rest of our food, yay for resupply tonight!

The next 11km were on a gravel road, so easy walking with nice views. A few cars passed.

About a km before the intersection with the main highway , we started trying our luck with hitching , as we were going to Te Anau.

Got a ride from a nice local farmer who dropped us at the doorstep of the holiday park.

We met Oli, who I hadn’t seen since Arthur’s Pass, and who I originally met in Havelock when I first met Emeric and Dylan.

We got some beers and did our resupply. The holiday park was pretty busy with TA hikers so we will be seeing a bunch of people in the next section.


    • Tired but a lot of complaining about the trail, bad markers, wet feet, mud, crappy trail, etc etc. Just so happened I was surrounded by a few people who were constantly in a bad mood so it spread around a bit.


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