TA Day 127- Paul’s Poles

Today – 22km from Te Anau to Aparima Hut

Total – 2784.8km

Had a few beers last night, slept like a log and woke up around 8am. It was going to be a nice day.

Did some life admin, caught up online with family and enjoyed coffee.

Emeric was watching a football match with his team, Rennes, and Arsenal, which they lost, so life was not good for him today. we left with Paul [Fr] around 1pm, after a good chill out session.

Last night we had caught up with Oli [ also french] who I last saw in Arthur’s Pass.

Paul, Emeric & I headed to the 4Square to get more chocolate so E could eat his feelings.

We then walked to the main road where we had to get a lift back to the trail, some 30km down the road.

Saw a Subway. Decided to eat lunch [ even though I just smashed a pie 10 minutes before], because why not.

Eventually we made it out of Te Anau. A nice couple travelling NZ picked us up two seconds after I put my thumb out.

Walked up the dirt road for 6km until lower Princhester hut. Was easy walking and heaps of cute sheep around. We did our best sheep impressions.

After a short break at this hut, we hoped the DOC sign was wrong when it suggested 8hours to the next hut, Aparima Hut, our destination for the evening.

Had some laughs with the hut book comments. Paul’s poles was the joke of the day because Paul and poles sounds the same when the french guys say it.

We had started late and knew it may be after dark before we got to the hut.

Taking funny pics with my mates

The first 2.5km to the saddle were slow going, it was hot and sweaty work in the forest.

It was the return of the mud! Not too bad though, but had to be a bit careful of slipping over. Paul stacked it a couple of times and I took a few sit downs too.

The track came out of the forest into the open and the view was really cool, pretty mountains. The tussock was boggy at times, and I went in upto my knees, much to the amusement of the others.

Had a bail and ended up laughing so hard I couldn’t stand up again, so had to wait for one of the others to come help. It was a pretty funny day.

We made good time after the first climb, and were constantly greeted with good views as we continued.

The sun was setting as we walked the last few km to the hut, and man, what a sunset. The colours were awesome.

Completed the last few hundred metres with our headlamps then arrived at the hut , which Yerin and Oli were also at.

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