TA Day 76 – Swims and sun

Today – 20.2km From Havelock to Pelorus Bridge CampTotal- 1794.8kmWoke up refreshed , I haven’t been setting any alarms or getting going early recently, just trying to sleep and rest my body.Wanted to walk at a very relaxed pace today as I knew my bag would be heavy after the big resupply.It took some ninja packing, but got there in the end with fitting everything in! Woohoo!Today was half on the road and half on a farm track. Bit of North Island feel today, with the sun beating down and climbing over stiles.

Some really shaky Stiles too that I wasn’t quite sure would hold me and my heavy pack!This morning I took a few nice road side breaks, it’s nice taking time and chilling.All the stream beds were dry, which is a little worrying, and there is news that a hut or two in the Richmond Ranges have run out of water.Nice views of the hills surrounding the track and came into beautiful forest, after Dalton’s track into Pelorus reserve.Lots of happy holiday makers, and who did I run into having a nap outside the cafe ,but Laine, Iben and Ralph! Awesome to see them and I will see them in the next section as we are no doubt doing similar days.I got a huge icecream,thanks to the awesome staff at Pelorus Cafe, and then walked down to the hikers designated camp, a beautiful spot on the river.Saw the rest of the group from last night, and we all went to the bridge for some swimming, jumped off the rocks and enjoyed ourselves.The Pelorus River is stunning, amazing swimming and lots of space to hang out. It was an epic refreshing afternoon with new friends.

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