TA Day 75 – Havelock

Today- 21km From Davies Bay to HavelockTotal – 1773.4kmWow, I’m actually on the South Island. Its totally random to think that I’ve walked here from the top of the country.It becomes so normal what we are doing, as surrounded by other hikers and getting used to our daily routine, it’s easy to forget what a massive thing it is really.But what’s most important sometimes is taking the one step at a time, which leads to another kilometer, which leads to a whole day of walking. Then bam! A multiday hike. Then bam a whole island.I did a lot of water drinking today.Headed towards Havelock, finished off the last few kms of the queen charlotte track, a glorious end to a wonderful few days.Thanks to the local support and initiative with the link pathway, the bit that used to be predominantly road walking on a road with no shoulder is now only about 5-6km on the road, the remaining 12 on a track. Legends.Highlights of the day include meeting some new people at camp, Emeric, Dylan and Oli from France [ all solo just meet on the TA] and Josie from Kansas who I met a few days ago.Did my resupply for the next section that could take up to 10 days – and man, went overboard on the food! No worries though, all will get eaten [sharing is caring].And yes, that is a kg of cheese. Oops.Fish and chips for dinner, and lots of relaxing. I was in Havelock by 2.30pm so it was nice to relax after a hot morning.Not sure I want to feel the weight of my bag tommorrow!The first bit of the South Island has been a treat. Really cruisy walking but still enough ups and downs to really be working out. It’s interesting the impact heat has had on my walking. I’m still walking a similar pace but really need to find shade and chug heaps of water all day long.The night ended up being just lovely, sharing a beer with new friends and just enjoying the company.

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